About me

Hi, my name is Matheo, I live in the United States, with my wife and an incredible son. I am passionate about life and photographs and stories that show the beauty of life and people in general.

I always wanted to go out and photograph everything, so I decided to create a website to share this wonderful message with people.

It all started as a hobby, then I realized that people started to like it and so I decided to share with everyone this emotion.

Here I have posted photos of people, young people, children, adults and places and nature, all my photos are for artistic purpose and to show the beauty of life.

God is good in everything he does, Life is wonderful, you just open your eyes and fill life with the eyes of a child.

I hope you like it, life is very good. You do not need much to be happy. I learned to fill the beauty and purity of life in small gestures and smiles, I believe that a smile can change your day.

We will be happy…

Sds ..Matheo


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